WEBWhat is Fender Rolling?

Typically anyone looking into fender rolling already knows what it is and to those that happen to stumble upon this and don’t – Here is your chance to read up; Fender rolling is simply put as rolling a fender. This process is done to gain more clearance for a bigger tire or wheel within your wheel well. Getting the L shaped lip that is located on your fenders and quarter panel bent inwards from an “L” shape to a “V” shape or flat for the ability go with a more aggressive wheel and tire setup. The procedure is done by skilled & experienced pair of hands using a specialized tool called a fender roller and the assistance of heat to keep your paint pliable. This process creates more clearance and space in the wheel well of your vehicle to allow a larger wheel or tire in the space. However is this really as simple as it sounds?


Why should you Fender Roll?

When someone wants to have their vehicles fender rolled, it is due to them wanting to fit more under their wheel wells. Fit more what? There are several reasons depending on the owners planned use. You can fender roll to clear your tires then get your car real low to the ground and get that stance you were looking for or you can get your fenders rolled to fit a wider rim and/or tire in your wheel well for a gain in performance and a bigger contact patch between your tires and the ground. We do not recommend that you cut your fender lips as you will require paint to protect the metal that is now exposed. It will reduce the strength of your fender as this is a crucial part to its rigidity and lastly it may even cause the fender to flap due to structural weakness. This form of making space will typically leave a knife like edge that can slice your tires and leave a dangerous setting while driving.  Going with a more extreme wheel setup on your car can cause several issues if not looked into properly and with caution. You can ruin a new set of tires due to the sidewalls getting cut and chewed up from contact with your inner fender lip and wheel well but that’s not where it ends. Contact with your automobiles body and tire will cause your paint to come off, only to cause your car to rust prematurely (paint jobs are not only expensive, but typically not perfect). And forget about the last two reasons, the main reason to fender roll if you have a doubt your tires may come in contact with your body is your and other peoples safety. Imagine if someone was able to stay steady and side by side with your car while you are going 70+ MPH on the highway. Now imagine they take a knife and decide to put it against your tire’s sidewall. Scary scenario huh? Now to just think this would never happen, but the truth is your fender lip is pretty sharp and will slice right through your tire. So not only should you fender roll to make your car look sweet or get that wide wheeled track monster handling better, but to keep everyone including yourself safe on the road.


What to think about when taking the leap to roll your fenders?

That’s it, you bought those sick rims and tires you have had your eye on for so long and can’t wait to get them on your car. Remember to fender roll before you install anything and cause damage as some will not be repairable by the fender roller.

  • Is your car extremely low? If your car is low to the ground due to lowering springs or coilovers, you may want to adjust it to a normal height before bringing it to get fender rolled. This allows the fender roller to easily be maneuvered when in the wheel well and a smoother roll.
  • Has your car ever been in an accident? Your fenders will be rolled and often this means your fender and quarter panels metal will move and bend during the process. Bondo and body filler is applied to metal and although your metal will bend the body filler will NOT – THE BODY FILLER WILL TYPICALLY CRACK and RELEASE ITS BOND FROM THE METAL. We have seen multiple times when paint has been applied in an unprofessional manner it will not keep its bond to the metal of your car.
  • How aggressive are you planning to go? We have the experience to help you with what you want to accomplish. Let us know what you’re planning to do we can make recommendations before you decide on your new wheel sizing, whether or not you will need a camber kit and more. Being ready during this process can get your new wheel setup on and able to be used right out the door.


We offer a full range of mild to wild fender rolling. We can roll your fenders flat and keep it looking stock, we can pull your fenders out for a bit more clearance and we can even get those fender lips out and turn them into flares. Contact us about your needs and we can accommodate.