Fender Rolling


What is Fender Rolling?

Rolling a fender is the process which allows your vehicle’s wheel well to have more space. In most cases your fenders and quarter panels have bends at the wheel wells for rigidity and structure. These bends typically come in the forms of a 90-degree L shape or 45-degree V shape angles. Multiple tools can be used to fold and flatten this bend to allow for more clearance for a tighter fitting wheel and tire combination.

When should you fender roll?

Fender rolling comes up when you are changing your tires, getting different wheels or changing the suspension of your vehicle. Tighter wheel and tire fitments or lowering your car can cause contact between your wheel assembly and the knife-like edges of your fenders. Contact in this area can cause damage to your paint, wheel, tire or worst-case scenario cause a blow out of a tire at higher speeds! Many times, we see people purchase a new wheel and tire setup that rubs and starts causing damage. If you are planning on getting bigger wheels, tires or lowering your suspension, it is best to also think if you will need a fender roll, clearancing of liners, screws, etc to achieve the look and have the car perform the way that you want.


How to prepare when you decide to Fender Roll?

That’s it, you bought yourself an awesome set of new wheels, tires and/or a suspension and now you need to get your fenders rolled!

          Wash your car before coming in! We don’t mind a dirty car but we will be touching your car during this process. Bringing the car in clean will minimize surface scratches as well as allow us to visually monitor the paint and metal while performing the fender roll.

          Has your car ever been in an accident? Let us know! We have experience and background in the auto body industry however, the more we know the better.

          Have your new setup ready! Why not have us put your new setup on and test it while we are at it. This helps us know if we have to lightly roll, roll your fenders flat or even go as aggressive as pulling the fender out to maximize space!